Breathtaking Beginnings: Shayla & Bruce’s Enchanting Rosen Centre Orlando Wedding

Shayla & Bruce

In the heart of Orlando, Shayla and Bruce’s wedding unfolded like a fairy tale, bringing to life the dreams many cherish since childhood. With a gathering of over 500 witnesses, the Rosen Centre Orlando transformed into the stage for their storybook wedding. Every detail was carefully curated to evoke the magic of a fairy tale – from a custom Storybook backdrop and Cinderella-like castle cake to storybook favors that added whimsical touches to the celebration. The ballroom, bathed in a romantic purple glow, echoed the enchantment with chiffon-lined ceilings, towering floral centerpieces, and candle-lit tabletops. As the evening progressed, guests were treated to sorbet served in frozen “glass” slippers, adding a sweet touch to this epic celebration of Shayla and Bruce’s new life together.

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