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Embarking on the enchanting journey of planning a wedding or celebration should be filled with excitement and joy, not stress and worry. At CeCe Celebrations, we understand the significance of these special moments, and that’s why we are here to be your trusted partner in crafting extraordinary experiences. Led by the exceptional CeCe Rivers, a certified event planner with over three decades of diverse experiences, we bring a unique blend of passion, expertise, and a commitment to creating one-of-a-kind events that linger in the hearts of all who attend.

Our Services

FullService Event Planning

CeCe Celebrations offers Full-Service Event Planning, crafting worry-free, unforgettable weddings and celebrations. Trust us to design a one-of-a-kind experience, ensuring every detail is meticulously planned so you can savor the joy without the stress.

Partial Planning 

CeCe Celebrations’ Partial Planning service provides expert assistance for those who’ve initiated their event planning but seek seamless integration. We take the baton, ensuring meticulous attention to detail in understanding your progress, contracts, and executing your vision for a stress-free celebration.


CeCe Celebrations offers expert Consulting services for those who prefer guidance rather than a full planner. Whether in-person or online, our certified event planning professional provides valuable insights to empower you in planning your own event, with sessions tailored to your needs.

Tea Parties

CeCe Celebrations specializes in Tea Parties, creating the epitome of elegance with tailored events or providing exquisite tea ware and props. From intimate gatherings to larger affairs, we infuse the charm of tea history, etiquette, and hosting to make your tea party an enchanting and memorable experience.

Wedding & Social Etiquette 

CeCe Celebrations specializes in Wedding and Social Etiquette, ensuring your celebration reflects kindness, respect, and thoughtfulness. Let us guide you through proper etiquette, from addressing invitations to handling delicate situations, for a seamlessly executed and socially graceful event.

Let’s turn your dream wedding or exclusive event into a reality! Call (407) 721-0101 and ask for CeCe Rivers to schedule your complimentary consultation. CeCe Celebrations is not just an event planning service; we are your partner in creating magical moments that last a lifetime.